Case studie

Brand essence definition

(Fortune 500 tech brand)

Deep dive into the sociocultural essence of technology to help crystallize the brand essence. Mapped the opportunity space and drove it into detailed product visions.


Market strategy to enter new market

(Global tech brand)

Identified a relevant audience that functions as an entry point into a specific market. Mapped the space. Developed value propositions and product concepts.


Vision and guidance for R&D function

(Fortune 500 brand)

Turned a forward looking technology vision into opportunity maps by exploring the intersection between tech and culture. These maps were used to inspire and inform R&D briefs.


Re-inventing strategy

(European tech company)

Defined the strategy process for how the company views and assesses the market. Constructively challenged current market definitions, enabling the company to see beyond current industry boundaries.


Rapid exploration of new markets

(European tech company)

Supported innovation activities in the company by identifying new opportunities, mapping them and assessing the business value potential.

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