Will the COVID-19 lockdown experiences boost more sustainable lifestyles?

What was done

In 2020, Alice Labs worked with the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA on an extensive analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the Finnish society and people’s everyday lives.

The project report highlights “systemic opportunities” for the Finnish society, including the state, companies and consumers, on how COVID-19 can be an opportunity for adopting more sustainable ways of life. It discusses opportunities around people’s changing relationship to home, city life, work, travel, and food.

The research was conducted by using a mixed methodology approach, including

  • In-depth interviews with circa 20 leading-edge people, covering specific themes in the everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A quantitative study amongst the Finnish adult population, including longitudinal data, to provide a broader context and to validate and measure the learnings from the qualitative research
  • Expert interviews on the key themes of the study

Key insight

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to redefine what it means to live a good life. The changes span different aspects of everyday life and concern what people eat, how they live in their homes and cities, how they work, how they travel, how they relate to nature and the environment, and what they expect from each other, their institutions and from companies.

The demand for solutions that help people to live a sustainable good life is there, but companies and organizations need to have new capabilities and ecosystems to leverage this demand comprehensively. 


The opportunities identified in the research report have been discussed across all news media in Finland. New approaches to travel industries presented in the report have already to some extent been promoted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Finland.

The impact of the work cuts across political decision-making, companies/commercial entities, and non-profit organisations in Finland.


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