How to develop a foresighting process that can support strategic business transformation?

What was done

Since 2016, Alice Labs have worked intensively to set up, advise and partly run the foresighting and exploration process for a global consumer brand.

The work has included the following:

  • Setting up the foresighting process for the company
  • Creating annual STEEP analysis process
  • Creating annual input for strategy process
  • Supporting the development of a network of experts across different expertise areas

In addition, Alice Labs has also worked with understanding the impacts of different macro level phenomena on behavioural change, exploring, amongst other things, what evolving consumer expectations and demand regarding urbanisation and sustainability mean for the brand.

Key insight

The objective of foresight process and capability development is to improve the organisational ability to anticipate relevant changes. Therefore, it is most impactful when accompanied by changes in the organisation’s process landscape – ensuring an appropriate landing place and interactions with key stakeholders at the right moment in their strategy or product development.


The insight process, of which foresighting and exploration are foundational elements, has been put into the core of the digital transformation of the company, and the demand for insights has increased over time. The foresights process outputs have been used as inputs to strategy development and strategy stress testing.


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