How to drive growth in a customer-centric way in the telco industry?

What was done

In 2016-2021, Alice Labs worked with a Nordic telco to drive customer intimacy and growth in a customer-centric way.

The work has involved an on-going intervention to build up an in-house capability for customer intimacy. The work has included the following aspects.

  • Definition of a core target for brand and growth
  • Process planning to drive change from strategy to execution 
  • Projects to work on individual product areas of which several has been launched or iterated based on the insights

Key insight

Opportunity to drive customer intimacy without increasing complexity in the company. Identification of opportunities to disrupt the existing logic in the industry.

Development of a core target audience definition that functions as “north star” for the company, and helps in creating focus, and drive impact in the market. The core target audience has been used as a starting point and source of innovation across many different service categories and customer service. 


The company is going through a significant transformation, and showing continuous progress in becoming customer value focused. The company has performed consistently well in comparison to the industry benchmarks and has increasingly moved towards higher value services. 

Alice Labs has provided support across all levels of the company, from top management strategic thinking to the execution of new ways of working.


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