New approaches

to health and wellbeing

What was done

In 2023, Alice Labs worked with the product team of a health tech company to develop a product development-oriented identification and understanding of key market segments.

The work was based on the analysis of:
Existing quantitative data to develop an initial hypothesis of priority target groups.

A round of customer interviews across two key markets to develop first, a broad contextual understanding of their relationship to health & wellness, followed by a more detailed understanding of everyday health and wellbeing pain points and desires.

A quantitative study to validate and quantify the identified targets and their priorities.
A series of intensive discovery workshops with the product team and accompanied ethnographic learning sessions.

Key insight

Three priority target groups were identified in addition to important evolutions in attitudes to health & wellbeing.


A deeper understanding of relevant and prioritised consumer needs and desires in health and wellbeing was achieved within the product team. Which in turn generated opportunity identification for New Product/Feature Development.


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