We help to build strategies that evolve and endure.

We take the time to understand the business questions and realities and combine this with market analysis, cultural insights, and mastery of changing consumer behaviors.

We are used to tackling challenging and multifaceted problems.

Market entry and market shaping

  • How to enter a geographical market, such as China or India? How to develop and maintain relevance in these markets? 
  • How to identify new emergent market spaces beyond existing product categories and industries?
  • How to create new market spaces?

Studying emergent market opportunities through the lense of forming demand and supply. 

Executing desk research, identifying dynamics and developing demand.

Leveraging longitudinal data analysis to understand trends.

Mapping supply and ecosystem capabilities.

Opportunity identification & innovation

  • What are the most important changes in behavior?
  • What opportunities do they open up for business? 
  • Who are the people at the leading edge who are driving change?

Using small sample/ targeted explorative ethnographic research. 

Using quantitative methodologies to measure emerging demand or opportunity. 

Estimating speed of evolution of emerging phenomena.

Analysing technologies/ supply against growing demand. 

Strategy stress-testing & portfolio management

  • How can we sustain growth in a changing competitive landscape? 
  • What implications does consumers’ increasing sustainability-mindedness have on our strategy? 

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including longitudinal data, and create:

  • industry-agnostic identification of innovation opportunities
  • change and opportunity tracking

We work closely together with the client in the key parts of the project to amplify implementation and to ensure fast iterations and high degrees of relevance.

Capability building

We help organisations to increase their own insights and foresights capabilities by building foresighting and exploration processes and developing more agile and engaging future-oriented strategy processes.

We have a long experience of working with senior leadership and boards and are sensitive to different corporate cultures.

Focusing on being people-centred and action-oriented, developing processes, content and tools that are well-adapted to fast-moving, diverse, business environments.

We encourage early project ownership to ensure that the work will have impacts on the business activities, creating a higher probability of landing the development process in action.

Thought leadership

  • What is the future of physical goods? 
  • What is the future of retail?
  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on people’s everyday behavior? 
  • How can we develop socially more sustainable AI-powered services?

Taking a proactive approach to identifying and studying big movements in the world that will have long-ranging and structural impact on companies across diverse sectors and categories.


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