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What was done

In 2023, Alice Labs collaborated with Makers Of to explore emerging opportunities for dematerialisation and digital substitution.

The Dematerialisation Initiative looks beyond the hype surrounding NFTs, blockchain and the Metaverse to create insight into how the web is evolving and how this will create new opportunities for dematerialisation that enable companies to transition towards less material-intensive offers gradually.

The work was based on the analysis of

  • Desk research of emerging technologies and uses of digital substitutes
  • Expert interviews
  • Interviews of gamers and active social media users from the UK

Key insight

Currently, consumers’ online experiences of brands tend to be largely transactional, creating a clear desire for improved online engagement that transcends this transactional logic. However, as the hype around the Metaverse and NFTs has drastically subsided, and the excitement around AI continues to grow, it is apparent that online customer engagement is a highly dynamic area. Put simply, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, as we discuss at length in our white paper, there exists a wide range of emerging tools and possibilities that companies can explore and utilize depending on their circumstances.


The Dematerialisation Initiative is a highly forward-looking and explorative project that helps discriminate between the many innovations associated with Web3 that are likely to have long-term traction from those that are likely to fail. It is an on-going thought process that enables us at Alice Labs to provide a cutting-edge understanding of what brands should do to prepare and future-proof themselves in the face of a continuously evolving web.


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