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We are a small, agile and multi-disciplinary team of business consultants, market strategists, sustainability experts and social scientists who are united by their passion to make a difference.

Over the years, we have worked with Blue Chip organizations and small innovative companies, as well as in forward-looking non-profit projects. The size of the project matters less than its potential to build a momentum for change.  

We believe in collaboration and bringing together the best minds. We have built an extensive network of like-minded senior professionals with complementary skills to leverage the necessary expertise, where and when it’s needed. In our projects, we also often work in close interaction with our clients, engaging senior leadership teams to drive impact from the top.

Our values

Our values


We work pragmatically and focus on relevance.


We go the extra mile to meet expectations.


We work with people like us, who are focused on driving positive change.


We work pragmatically and focus on relevance.


We go the extra mile to meet expectations.


We work with people like us, who are focused on driving positive change.

Who we are

Our values Oskar Korkman

Dr. Oskar Korkman

Alice Labs Partners, Co-founder

Oskar is a market strategist and works with clients in Europe and US to develop new approaches to explore markets, strategies and business models for growth.

Before co-founding Alice Labs Partners, Oskar was Director of Consumer Intelligence at Nokia and Consumer evangelist at Microsoft. He has 15 years of experience in global research as well as turning insights into business decisions. Oskar has a Masters in Education and a Ph.D. in marketing focused on ethnographic research and innovation.

e-mail: oskar.korkman@alice-labs.com
market strategists Sharon Greene

Sharon Greene

Alice Labs Partners, Co-founder

Sharon, a specialist in segmentation, trends and cross-cultural insight development, assists global companies in the design of consumer-led business strategies.

Working at Senior Management and Board level, Sharon has used culturally driven insights to support global companies in the design of consumer and customer-led business strategies for more than 15 years. Sharon was previously the director of RISC International, a socio-culturally focused consumer trends and segmentation consultancy and was responsible for annual megatrends development, scenario workstreams and the Positive Consumption Program.
Sharon has an International MBA from the EM School of Business Lyon and a Bachelor in Design from NCAD Dublin.

e-mail: sharon@alicelabspartners.com
About Kirsi Hantula

Kirsi Hantula


Kirsi is a sustainability professional with a journalistic and communications background. She is convinced that a deep comprehension of people’s everyday life is key in driving sustainable change.

Before joining Alice Labs Partners, Kirsi worked as the leading sustainability expert in one of the biggest media companies in Finland. Prior to that, she has worked in various journalistic, communications and project management related professional roles in the media sector for over 15 years.  Kirsi has master’s degrees in Arts and Media Production.

e-mail: kirsi.hantula@alice-labs.com


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