the dominant

pricing logic

What was done

In 2023, Alice Labs collaborated with an international telco provider to explore and define a new pricing logic that could substitute the current dominant flat fee-based pricing logic.

Alice Labs worked closely with the client team to develop a robust foundation for experimenting with new pricing models in the market.

The project consisted of the following phases

  • Analysis of dynamics in the market & definition of drivers of change
  • Development of user scenarios
  • Workshops with respondents on scenarios & discussions of potential future pricing models
  • Conclusions of key insights that can driver the development of new pricing models.

Key insight

Alice Labs used longitudinal insights to highlight a number of shifts in people’s expectations across industries. Building on these insights, a number of principles, that lays the foundation for future development of pricing, were identified in workshops with respondents.

The key insights are strategic and confidential.


The project was explorative, and a first phase in a longer process of redefining pricing.

The potential business impact is significant, and strategically opens avenues for radical differentiation in the market.


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