Can the Finnish creative industry find and create more business in China?

What was done

In 2021, Alice Labs worked with Business Finland to map new, under-explored  business opportunity areas in China for the Finnish creative industry.

The goal of the project was to build an understanding of how the Finnish players within the creative industry could benefit from changes in consumer behavior in China and actively shape the market demand with their own actions. 

The work was based on the analysis of

  • Desk research of macro level sources 
  • Longitudinal analysis of socio cultural change 
  • Industry-specific market information 
  • Expert interviews of selected Finnish creative industry representatives

Key insight

To tap the under-explored business opportunity areas defined in the research, there needs to be a consistent effort of building new types of collaborative ecosystems between different players within the Finnish creative industry.

The goal of these efforts should be to develop the capacity of providing Chinese consumers with uniquely Finnish experiences which resonate with broader changes in consumer behavior in urban China.  


The work is on-going and has potential for broad ranging impacts even beyon the creative industries. It has inspired multi-stakeholder discussion on the need to apply “market shaping” as a methodology to drive competitive advantage in Finnish society. The long-term impact will be measured against the objective of significantly increasing the share of GDP generated by the creative industries in Finland.


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