Is our Asian market strategy future-proof?

What was done

In 2021, Alice Labs worked with a global fashion brand to do macro driver and trends analysis in a specific Asian market.

The client company is currently successful in the market but wants to anticipate change to better prepare for the future and understand how to sustain growth over time.

To increase the future readiness of the company, Alice Labs identified key areas of focus to understand drivers and barriers to the company’s present and future business in the country. The work was based on the analysis of data from:

  • Macro level multi-source scanning of consumer attitudes and behaviours
  • Industry-specific market sources

Key insight

A company can be present and successful in a growing market, but by anticipating market changes, accelerators and barriers to growth it can develop a resilient strategy and focus future growth efforts on areas with highest probability of success and least likelihood of disruption.


The work is on-going, but it will be an essential part of fine tuning market strategy for the companyIt has impacted core target identification, understanding and development of future focal points.


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